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Products by David Portney

If you’re looking for products by me, David Portney, here are some of my most popular books.

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Some quick descriptions – and by the way, there is Zero repeat information in any of my 3 books below, it’s all unique info in each book.

Get Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – this book will show you how to use seminars and speaking as a lead generation and lead conversion tool. Yep, it’s offline marketing at its best. No fluff and no filler, I give you checklists, how-to guides and pretty much everything you need to get going.

129 Seminar Speaking Success Tips – this book’s title pretty much says it all. Easy to read on an airplane, in bed, in the bathroom or anywhere, it’s also easy to read because you can start and and stop anywhere in the book. It’s like potato chips, I dare you to eat just one, or in this case, read just one tip – you’ll want to keep reading more tips.

129 More Seminar Speaking Success Tips – yet more tips to succeed at speaking, seminars, workshops… 100% unique from my other books.