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Brief History of and Info about David Portney

Background: A Quick Trip Down Memory Lane

I grew up in the South Bay mostly in the Redondo Beach and South Torrance area. Just another “regular” kid in a “regular” middle class family.

We spent a lot of time on the beaches because we lived close and my dad had been an L.A. County Lifeguard and so the “beach lifestyle” was ingrained in my DNA early on.

I was fortunate to see the birth of surfing’s popularity (I’m a bodysurfer, personally) and lucky enough to see the tail-end of a really beautiful place and time before it became overrun and overpopulated.

I also spent some of my high school years in the WLA area and graduated from University High and would have gone to UCLA if it weren’t for a rapid series of unfortunate family tragedies that I won’t go into here.

Oddly, as much as I loved the beach lifestyle, I never felt “at home” in Southern California. Too many sunny days, too hot, just not my cup of tea. Every time we visited the Pacific Northwest, I felt at home. Finally my dream to live there came true and I’ve put down roots in Vancouver, Washington. I absolutely love this part of the world.

A Smattering of Personal & Professional Accomplishments

A few things I’ve done that I’m proud of (I won’t list the things I’ve done that I’m not proud of):

  • Martial Arts: Trained up to 5th degree level black belt in Karate (Zendo-Ryu Shorin-Ji Kempo, specifically) and spent more time than I probably should have getting choked out by Joyce Gracie in their garage Dojo before they started the Gracie Academy, and later by Rigan Machado, and also getting tossed to the ground in another private Japanese Jiu-jitsu Dojo.
  • Music: I was a professional musician in my spare time, playing guitar and doing vocals for 2 different bands and for a while pushed my own original band where I wrote all the songs (that band, for better or for worse, never got very far)
  • NLP: Certified at Trainer Level in 1998
  • Completed all 3 levels of Touch for Health and the 100-hour Applied Kinesiology (AK) Training
  • Author of a number of printed and audio books currently in publication
  • Speaker: I’ve been an instructor for The Learning Annex of Los Angeles and have spoken for large organizations such as the National Notary Association and the Los Angeles Times.
  • Business Management: my main career for most of my adult working life, in 3 industries: food service, health care, and home remodeling/new construction

Are You Really Still Reading This?

Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions, personal or professional, don’t hesitate to contact me.